Wow. What a day.

I cannot believe the amazing outpouring of support and encouragement that you delivered over the course of my 12 1/2 hour filibuster on the Senate floor.

This may seem hard to believe but I only have a few additional words to share at this time. First, I want to say an incredible and heartfelt thank you to the ten of thousands of Texans and Americans that offered their support and wishes of kindness throughout the day. Your presence at the capitol and your calls, emails, Facebook messages and tweets have sustained us and gave me the opportunity to make your voice heard.

Most importantly, I simply have no words to express my gratitude to those who lent their voice in the over 12,000 personal stories that you bravely and selflessly shared with me to object to this dangerous legislation.

Although I was the one with the microphone on the floor of the Senate today, it was your voice and your words – it was your filibuster.

Now we can’t fool ourselves. Governor Perry and the legislative leadership see their own political livelihood tied to denying women their full rights to make their own health decisions, and they won’t stop here.

I will admit I am a bit tired. But I’m ready to keep fighting and assure you I won’t stop. And, without a doubt I know you will never stop fighting for the Texas we love.

Thank you with all my heart and we will be back to fight another day.

Your friend and, proudly, your State Senator,

Wendy Davis (D), about filibustering Texas SB5, preventing abortions after 20 weeks, for 12 1/2 hours 
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